“Time Tech #1 & Advance Q System in Region”

Queue Management System

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D3 has a very professional Time Tech Queue Management System that helps to reduce the customer waiting time and improves service accessibility. We provide a fast and reliable system that can manage queues effectively. Both Wired Queuing System and Wireless Queuing System are made available as a part of our service. Our areas of service include all across Middle-East and Europe.

TimeTech Queue Management System Features

KIOSK works as a System Server and all the application installed in it.
Less single point of failures
Ethernet Network available for access the report remotely from the admin PC
In Wireless communication option, system works with minimum number of wires and network equipment's
Another Option is available using physical network (Ethernet cabling required)
Sleek KIOSK Design built-in 15” Portrait high quality touch screen
Built-in compact size THERMAL PRINTER with high space for the thermal roll
Audio Announcement System can deliver the voice to the Waiting Arear TV speakers, or can be connected to external speaker (i.e. ceiling speakers … etc.)
Windows Based Operating System & SQL Database
Media player to be connected to the Display TV to present
  • The Called Ticket
  • The Status of the Queue
  • Playing a video
  • Display Ticker Text
Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or Tablet Based Application
Full Reporting application can be generated from the KIOSK or remotely by the Supervisor PC

Multimedia Display

Shows stunning graphics
True multi-lingual pages
Handles over up to 10 categories


15’ Touch Screen
Multi-Lingual ticket printing
Robust body
80mm Thermal Printer with auto cutter
Computer control system
LAN / Network cable
Wire or Wireless
All in one KIOSK, controllers etc.
Multi – Language

Counter LED Display

Counter LED Display8 Digits bright light tube LED
Display: 4 digits counter No.,4 digits
ticket number, F3.75 LED display

Counter Calling Pad

Application PC based Counter Calling pad
Or Tablet Based Calling Pad
Calling, optional call, transfer, total waiting status, recall, random call … etc.

Counter Calling Pad Terminal

Special Numbers call - VIP
Transfer to other counter
Recall for last no show No.
Pending numbers for each service

“Best information display”

LCD Status Display – Media Box (Waiting Area)

Media Player Dongle USB with Software
Multi lingual announcement
Android OS
Audio announcment through TV Speakers
Optional Video playback

“Rich informative Reports”


Daily service
Counter wise service
Transfer service wise
Not Show Ticket
Queue Statistic
Evaluation Statistic
Overtime Statistics

Data Analysis:

  • Queuing Traffic Analysis
  • Evaluation Satisfaction
  • Average Processing Time Analysis
  • Average Waiting Time Analysis
  • Timeout Traffic
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