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Biometric Access Control Systems
D3 is a Bahrain-based company that provides IT solutions like Biometric System and Access Control System in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. A system where biometric technology is incorporated and the unique biological information is used for identifying a person is called a biometric system. Biometric systems can be trusted on with access control and authentication process in an organization. Workforce management can be performed with much ease and less delay with the help of biometric systems. The biometric data will never be same for two persons and they cannot be shared. It is impossible to forge or spoof biometric data because a biometric property is an intrinsic property of an individual. D3 provides the best biometric authentication device equipment systems for securuty & access control.
Attendance & Queue Management System
D3 products are recognized in GCC with their own brand name TIME TECH. They comprise of the best System Integrators, IT Projects, deals with technologies and provide IT solutions like Biometric System, Time Attendance Management, Access Control Systems , IP CCTV,Queue Management Systems like Wired Queuing System and Wireless Queuing System, Digital Displays,Video Walls,Human Resource Management Software, HR & Payroll Systems which is unique in GCC, and RFID Active and Passive Tracking. They also include EBOOK– Virtual, Wireless Links, Storage Solution, Business Application Software (Development), Retail Management Solution, Consulting Services and Outsourcing.
Imaging Products & Workforce Management Solutions
D3 offers user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and efficiency of a firm. Its innovative hardware and software solutions integrate all business aspects such as acquisition and processing project, solutions and management. D3 has its own facilities for sales & marketing, customer support and research & development. Biometric technology can be utilized in various areas of workforce management. They can be combined with HR and payroll system to give a better monitoring of employees in an organization. D3 is also pioneering in ICT projects to facilitate the market understanding and development.