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ip power control
An IP Power Controller or the Network Power Switch NPS controls AC power to any remote equipment by using simple commands received from a web browser or telnet session through any ethernet network connection. The NPS is allows to AC powered equipment, be turned on, off, or power cycled from any remote PC, through any network connection. It works well using either a local LAN network or from anywhere in the world using the Internet. The Minimal configuration is required, and configuration is via any web browser giving remote network reboot, remote network power control, and remote network watchdog timer control. The NPS is also contains a Ping Test watchdog feature for fail-safe AC power control. Using this feature, the unit can issue a periodic PING command to an IP address. If the PING fails , the NPS will power cycle the attached equipment. Use this as a fail-safe watchdog power controller for routers, servers, or VOIP/ROIOP devices. The NPS provides status back to the controlling PC so the remote operator knows if power to the controlled device is on or off. The NPS may be used in conjunction with any device having a web browser or telnet client. The web browser or telnet client may be running on any common PC, MAC, server, smart phone. The standard model is configured for 120 Volt AC. A 220/240 Volt AC model is available. For the 220/240 Volt model, specify the power adapter required, and be aware that there is a single relay in the unit. This product is not appropriate for 220/240 volt applications where both sides of the AC line must be switched. Security features allow it to be configured to allow two control-only users, who have the ability to turn attached equipment on and off, but not to change configurations, and one "master" user, who can also change the unit's configuration settings. These user logins may be password protected. In addition, the NPS may be configured to only allow access by workstations having specific IP addresses. Additional security is provided by disabling any two of the three access methods. For advanced users, popular PC scripting programs may be used with the controlling PC to provide time-of-day control, automated power switching between remote units & periodic reboot. This is easily accomplished using common command-line tools such as CURL, or Windows macro-tools.
Features Top

  • Remote AC Control Unit
  • Provides Status output
  • Controlled by remote web browser, telnet, or SNMP manager connection
  • Simple 10/1000BaseT ethernet connection
  • 10 Amp Rating
  • Rack Mount Option Available
  • Power ON, Power Off, Re-boot, Watchdog Remote Equipment
  • Simple commands... ON, OFF, CYCLE, SHOW, Ping Test, etc
  • Web browser control adds additional functionality