IP Power Controller

Dthree provides efficient and customised IP Power Controller system that can control the power supply of your electronic devices like computer, server, cctv, etc. Usage of such Web Based power controller system also help to save manpower and time.
  • Fully customized controller board
    When the readymade product cannot do what the customer needs to control the power, D3 ready to design, fabricate & integrate the equipment’s required
  • Remote Power Management
    The understanding and utilizing the IP technology allow us to create ideas to make the power controlling can be done remotely and no need for physicals access to the site
  • Reducing the time and the efforts
    By using simple web based interface (GUI) and easy to use and to configure, the customer can control the power with less efforts and easiest way
  • AC or DC voltage
    The power controller can manage the AC or DC voltage.
  • High or Low Ampere
    Even though the equipment power to be managed and controlled is high ampere, with the customized power controller it will be easy
Power controller Types
  • Web Power Switch
  • Ethernet power
  • Controller
  • Web based DIN Relay
  • Industrial power switch
Applicable Fields
  • Industrial machines
  • Remote sites
  • Data Centers
  • Building power management