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Cloud (AWS)/ on server Payroll HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) and HR Systems in Bahrain help HR professionals for tracking employee salary and performance related issues respectively. Dthree provides the best web based Human resource management software solution in Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Oman and other GCC countries that fits all your organizational needs, as per GCC.

HR Systems refers to the systems and activities taking place as a result of the intersection of human resource management and IT. HR Systems and Payroll Software are cloud based tech savvy systems that can easily integrate with any 3rd party ERP / Accounts system. Payroll HRMS Software makes salary computation easier and stores their details securely.

Our Human Resource Management Software is a single platform stored in Cloud (AWS) web where you can manage both HR systems and Payroll Software with dynamic and user friendly access. Our HR system eliminates the need paper records, extensive filing systems and large storage areas thus saving more company space.

HR system act as a database that can store information about infinite number of employees and at the same time get rid of hard-copy employee files. This stored information is organized in a very accurate manner by the system which makes thing more simplified for the HR professionals. This, in turn, saves company space and also minimize investments required in the HR sector. Our HR system maintains consistency in sharing information and allow communication even from remote locations. Our HR system developed with extraordinary features that are very much unique in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Payroll software from D3 monitors each and every employee's salary, wage, bonus, tax, and deduction. Payroll is critical for both company and its employees. Payroll software determines the total money that is paid to the employees which in turn have major effect on the total income of the company. Any irregularities or correction in the amount paid to the employees will earn dissatisfaction from the employees. This software can easily aid decisions on performance appraisal of each employee by evaluating their performance with complete accuracy. They keep track of employee working hours and about their work assignments regularly.

Payroll software can put a halt to the wastage of manual labor required by attendance system management and for making appropriate decisions on salary, promotion, increment, deduction, and leave application. Management of an infinite number of employees is done effectively by the payroll software offered by D3.

Personnel Module
  • Comprehensive Employee Master
  • Management of Employee Dependence records
  • Employee contact details
  • Management of including control reminder for renewal for RP, CPR, Passport, contract insurance, …)
  • Control for other issues of management as per company’s policies and Bahrain Labor law
  • Attachments related to employee
  • Reminder reports for the expiring documents of employee
  • Management of Employees
  • Management of Items issued to the employee
  • Management of Memos
  • Management of vehicles issued to the employees
  • Training & qualification details
  • Creating user defined allowance and deduction using formula as well
  • Setting up of tasks
  • Templates
  • Comprehensive Job details including designation and location
  • Recording various notes related to employees
  • Managing personnel records
  • Training management
  • Employee Qualification details
Leave Management Module
  • Defining leave structure using formulas for each employees
  • Employee login to submit the leave request
  • Leave approval by department head
  • Final approval by the HR
  • To know available leave at any time
  • Leave ledger
  • Leave history
Payroll Module
  • Defining Salary structure using formulas and amounts for each employees
  • Allowances and Deduction master creation
  • Salary transfer to Bank
  • GOSI calculations
  • Easy method of pay roll generation or modification
  • Importing of Allowances and Deductions from an excel sheet templates
  • Direct integration with Time Attendance
  • Summary payslip
  • Department wise payslip
  • Payroll comparison
  • Individual or group payslip printing
  • Recurring deductions
  • Payroll approval

Leave & Final Settlement
  • Leave settlement
  • Final Settlement
  • Salary payment at the time of settlement
  • Option for Leave encashment
  • Air ticket settlement
Recurring Deduction
  • Option to create a recurring deduction for each employees
  • Option to manually override the deduction formula
  • Loan ledger
Self Service Module
  • Each employee Login to their area
  • Leave request
  • Pay slip viewing
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