Virtual Interactive Book/eBook

The Virtual Interactive Book / EBook developed by D3 has a convex projection screen and is a desk representation system. Our EBook manufacturers have designed it exceptionally in the form of an authentic book. It never failed to impress the customers because of its graceful shape and unique design. Its transparent design with a fine acrylic body is an another attraction. Being the top eBook manufacturer in Bahrain and UAE, D3, always maintained their product's good quality and performance. The EBook is one of the most powerful interactive systems. Users can feel the real book and browse the pages in very simple manner. It is a simple but typical application of the Interactive System. Users move their hands to turn pages of a projection book. The EBook manufacturers have developed it in such a way that it supports all kinds of content formats including texts, images, SWF videos etc. The constant increase in EBook usage nowadays has led to new innovations in this area.
Can be used in: Museum, Exhibition, Events, Showrooms, Education
Why Choose Interactive E-Book from D3?
  • Leading eBook manufacturer in Bahrain and UAE
  • Advanced Hardware Features
  • Compact System
  • Customizable solutions
  • Rear Projection, users can feel the interactivity more than the front projection (i.e. No Hand shadow, higher picture quality … etc.)
  • Projector and screen with the sensors in one model can be moved easily with no more efforts
  • Products are Highly Reliable