Time Attendance Classic

  • Employee Master creation
  • Employee user profile creation
  • Department creation and all parameters
Work Rule
  • User friendly interface for work rule
  • Easy linking of Shift to the days in the work rule
  • Adding multiple shift in a day
  • Picking up of shift Automatically rather than rostering the shift
  • Creating N number of shifts
  • Adding parameters for shif
  • Auto picking shift
Setting Shift/Work Rule
  • Easy way to set special shift like Ramadan or mothers feeding shift or work rule for a particular period
  • Auto resetting back to base work rule once the special period is over
Duty Roster
  • System can preschedule the different shift for a particular period
  • Auto resetting back to base work rule once the special period is over
Setting Annual Leave or other Reasons
  • Pre posting or Post Posting of Annual Leaves or other leaves
  • Easy way of cancelling the set reasons
Daily Work Sheet
  • Processed Attendance against each work rule set for employee
  • Manual editing of Attendance with full log history and original machine swipe not getting affected
  • Easy way of resetting attendance if there was wrong in editing
  • HR remarks and employee remarks for any exception can be recorded
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Attendance Status of Employees
  • Time Card Reports
  • Periodical Attendance reports
  • Edited Attendance Log details
  • Attendance Summary
  • Total Attendance summary
  • Exceptional reports
  • Late and Early Exit reports
  • Over Time Reports
  • Graphical Analysis reports
  • Summary reports
Online Features
  • Automatic downloading and processing of attendance from the terminal
  • There is no manual interruption required before seeing the reports
Other Features
  • Windows Interface
  • Good performance in processing
  • Easy to reprocess
  • Whenever data comes it get processed same time, unlike no need to wait for next day to get processed
  • At any point of time users can know who are all present and Absent
  • Log details
  • Holiday Setting
  • Reason creation