RFID Tracking System

Key Features of RFID
  • Asset / Documents / Warehouse / Gold Ornaments etc verification
  • PC based / Web Based Asset Tracking Management Software
  • State-of-the-art mobile software
  • Manage multiple buildings, departments & warehouses
  • Category and sub-category for the assets / documents
  • Maintain purchase details, book value & deprecation
  • Quick and asset data synchronization
  • RFID / Barcode label printing
  • Reports
RFID Fixed Asset Tracking System
RFID Fixed Asset Tracking System is one of the most advanced technologies, wherein D3 provides RFID solutions for all its GCC clients. RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) helps to track the asset flow in an Organization more efficiently and systematically. Assets hierarchy starts from company, division, department and building till room level. Tracking of assets is made easy with the state of art mobile technology with the integrated Hand Held Mobile Terminal. The system is also equipped with depreciation calculation module, which will give user current value of the asset at any time. The tracking of assets in a business using serial numbers and spreadsheets, or tracking equipment with barcode labels requires a lot of manual labor. These traditional techniques of asset tracking require manual labour and very time-consuming. Tracking of assets using serial numbers and spreadsheets can also be inaccurate. A tracking system using RFID enables the organization in overcoming all these issues with their RFID readers which can read multiple RFID tags at the same time. Radio Frequency IDentification technique automatically tracks all fixed assets in a business firm using electromagnetic fields that transmit data via RFID tags. The assets need not be compulsory viewable or visible for a RFID system to track it.
RFID Document Tracking System
We also provide user friendly RFID Document Tracking System to track all the documents flow within the organisation. This reduces the employee time required for the management of all documents and their tracking. Each document is assigned with a RFID label which is unique and this label is used to track each document.
RFID Active and Passive Tracking System
We provide both RFID Active and Passive Tracking services as per requirement. RFID Active and Passive Tracking enables tracking real time location of assets, tolling, access control system, file tracking, supply chain management, smart labels etc. RFID passive tracking system consists of RFID tags with no internal power, and instead use electromagnetic signals from RFID reader. This system is usually applicable in the case of access control and document tracking. RFID active tracking systeminclude an internal battery source that transmits their own signal.
Asset Tracking
RFID Fixed Asset Tracking System RFID Document Tracking System RFID Tracking System - Apparel RFID Active and Passive Tracking
Apparel Tracking
RFID Fixed Asset Tracking System RFID Document Tracking System RFID Tacking - Apparel RFID Tracking system