IP Based Camera System -DTHREE
If you are looking to monitor the employees in the store or for monitoring the safety and security of people and property, here we are with the best solution. D3 IP based Camera System is the best product for survillence. D3 provide the best quality IP Based Camera System.
Advantage of IP based camera system
There are many benefits of implementing IP based camera system into your workplace. When it comes to choosing the best survillence camera many things have to be considered like cost, quality, convenience, video clarity, remote monitoring etc, and it is difficult to find all these pros in one but we can assure you that our product has all these pros and that is why we became the best IP based camera system sellers. Coming across the advantages of ip based cameras, the first and the main advantage is that unlike cctv a large number of cameras can be connected to the system. Next advantage is that it provides a quality picture. Other point is that cabling is not always required therefore, ip cameras do not all need to be placed in one location. It also has advanced features such as analytics, advanced motion detection and remote focus. Ip cameras broadcaste video as a digital stream over an ip network to Network Video recorder(NVR) where videos are stored digitally.Instead of running power cables POE(power over ethernet) is used. IP camera system also uses wifi and bandwidth.
Why it is so imporatant ?- IP Based Camera System
Property crimes are increasing day by day. So protection homes, business etc from theft are important. So one of the effective way to protect our homes and business is by utilizing survillence camera system. CCTV has been used for decades but now its advanced form ie, ip based camera system has ben used. It has a number of advantages over cctv. One of its main feature is the picture quality. IP camera provides higher quality pictures which cant be compared with the picture provided by cctv. It digitize the hd video captured by it and transmit through LAN. And other important factors are scalablity, encryption, Mass storage option, cost effective, remote access etc.
Various types in IP based camera system
  • Centeralized and Decenteralized
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Fixed and PTZ IP Cameras
  • Day and Night IP Cameras
  • Weather proof (IP68)
  • Megapixel IP Cameras