Fingerprint Attendance machine

Fingerprint Attendance machines help to enhance security and employee management at a significantly lower cost. Fingerprint Attendance machines provide a high level of security. The direct presence of a person is required to enter an office or facility. Fingerprint Attendance machines give accurate details about the employee's presence. It made the attendance system more systematic and easy.It has replaced the traditional register and attendance system and saved money and time. Fingerprint Attendance machine previously stores the details of all the employees in an office. It finds the matches by comparing the fingerprints with these previously stored data. It made the employees become more punctual and no space for malpractice.
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PRintX-FPR (Optic and T.C.)
A biometric fingerprint reader - the highest security level for personal recognition
Validates up to 9,000 cardholders Fast access authorization Can be used for both identification and verification A choice of fingerprint sensors Elegant casing