D3 - Best Virtual Interactive Book / EBook Manufactures in Bahrain

Interactive virtual book / EBook is an stylish touch work area with a raised projection screen in a valid book outline. The interactive virtual book / Ebook awes us by its elegant shape and straightforward plan of the fine acrylic body. Ebook is designed for exhibition, instruction, education and other activities, video player virtual page scrolling, zooming and other functions will enable you to draw in more crowd. The eBook consists of two parts: hardware and software. The main hardware includes: projector, motion sensor, computer. Software is interactive projecting software. There are two types of EBook, first one is front projection interactive virtual book. Here projection from above, the projection instrument installed in the ceiling. Other one is the Rear projection interactive virtual book, It is a all in one solution. Here projection form the bottom. The D3 leading ebook manufactures in Bahrain designed rear projection eBook, because it is very convenient to use. EBook manufacturers have developed it to support all types of content formats including text, images, SWF videos, etc. It can be used as part of a museum, exhibition, events, showrooms and education

Features & Functions

  • Transparent Acrylic-Body
  • Accurate camera tracking system
  • Integrated Micro-PC
  • Control via browse with hands on screen
  • Integrated 1 Chip DLP Projector
  • Brilliant and high contrast image
  • Homogeneous projection screen